Patricia Hämmerle

Participating Artist
Patricia Hämmerle
March 12 - April 25 2015
March 12 2015

Portfolio ”Images in which reality plays a part. No notion what the journey is all about since we know nothing – it still requires our whole attention“

Does reality catch up with us, does it bring us back to ourselves just because we can inevitably not escape it? Is it reality that associates things with us? “Images in which reality plays a part. No notion what the journey is all about -¬‐ since we know nothing -¬‐ still it requires our whole attention,” broaches the issue of the search for the origin of things, their affiliation, development and rearrangement. The works of artist Patricia Hämmerle (*1955) remind us of reality, but we don’t know where these impressions will take us, yet they still demand our full attention. They are visual puzzles, which move on the threshold between fact and fiction, but constantly offer us unshackled associations and thereby become their own truth. This relationship between things, their designations or far more the classification of being, reality and possibility, the origin and the now, are key to the artist’s works. The somewhat shadowy, fleeting illustrations of vegetables, minerals, but also human faces are taken from books, old encyclopaedias, historic illustrations, which she blurs and clouds to create new images that irritate, astound and capture the beholder’s eye. This intervention asks the beholder almost like an invitation about the reality of what we perceive and so about the function of art and its perception. Almost as if the “limited view”, which is supplied through a completely different viewing experience by motion blurring, overpainting or even collaged additions – namely that of the quiet, still and dark: it’s dark out there! “Everything that exists is created from darkness and returns to darkness. Minerals and crystals , with all of their luminescence, come from the darkness – as does the day, the light, the stars, we ourselves, the world, the universe, fungi, and everything that comes from the sea or the earth,” says the artist. Patricia Hämmerle never completely removes the contours, rather she creates something new, something undefined and with several layers. So that this new illustration speaks to us differently, without having to cater to the expectation of an imitation, new views and unusual images are created, almost left to their own devices. The design tools used by Patricia Hämmerle, such as colour filters, colour gradients, blurring, the use of cut-outs, the almost limitless processing of existing image materials and photographs by her own additives thus all become their own projection surfaces. Patricia Hämmerle is able to document and simultaneously raise fundamental questions about our existence by dealing with history, culture, nature and science. It forces us to ask the question of how and to what extent we remember and how memories and feelings of our own identity are complementary. The marble drawings, which she delineates to the smallest detail from walls and floors, a collection of multi-coloured shells, which have colours that are almost undefinable, are evidence of how much the artist opens up our view to the variety of perceptions of reality and the equally complex interconnection of history and the present. Catrina Sonderegger, 2014