Atelier in Residence

Participating Artist
Monique Baumann
August 15 - September 27 2014
August 15 2014

Portfolio ”Atelier in Residence”

Not seeking, but finding. Monique Baumann’s works of art are assembled with deliberation and solid intention and are composed afresh by undergoing continual metamorphoses.
There is nothing stable or fixed, everything is constant and can be altered.Snapshots which capture the pre-existing interactions, are molded together with the artist’s own perspective.
Monique Baumann is very dynamic and always on the go.
The broad selection of the works of art manifests her multifaceted creativity.Through various techniques she revisits the already existing and formulates it afresh through the use of atypical material and coats of paint. Thus, for example, areas of layered and tacked carton serve a completely new purpose; namely to dissolve within the determined presence of the canvas and to expand it.Black and white, relief -like surface, geometrically placed, determine then the basis of new works of art.
Photographs are fragmented, dissected in detail, painted with thickly applied oil paint and are finally reborn into a new entity.These works of art linger in the in-between space of form and abstraction.
This generates an extensive, almost boundless palette of woks, which might give the impression of being closed and autonomous despite the fact that the artist celebrates hybridity as a quality and glorifies those closely interwoven moments of passage.
Monique Baumann tests the limits of artistic presentation and elusive abstraction and thereby opens fresh perspectives.Her sharp observation of a more adapted and unorthodox aesthetic approach invites us to quit our reflexive references and ideas and to think afresh.
Monique Baumann, however, never seeks this irritation of the senses trivially or idly.The collages by Monique Baumann disrupted by coarseness and irritating restlessness achieve their autonomy exactly because of these disruptions.Her visual obsession makes it possible to steer associations in such a manner that the invisible becomes visible.
The viewer stands in clear suspension in front of her work, wishes to understand them, study them in greater depth, unmask and turn them inside out.This can be witnessed in all her works, most importantly because Monique Baumann has this relaxed access to all genres of art.
The fusion of illusionist, expressive and exuberant painting on passive photographic image formats of glossy magazines, which are almost insignificant, questions again the action of image on image- and Monique Baumann masters this action perfectly.