WOOZY – vitrine project

Participating Artist
August 05 - September 10 2016
August 05 2016

WOOZY at the vitrine project at TART Zürich

Woozy was born in Athens, Greece, in 1979. Woozy is a greek street artist, best known for his large scale murals painted in bright, vivid palette of colors, which is a recognizable characteristic for most of his works. His art has been a crucial aspect in the graffiti scene in Greece. Woozy began his studies at the School of Fine Art in Athens, which he completed in 2010. During that period he spent a year at the School of Fine Arts in Lisbon, Portugal as part of an exchange program. Since the completion of his studies, the artist has worked on both commissioned and self-initiated projects in many countries around the world, including Denmark, Switzerland, China and Brazil.

TART Zürich is very proud to represent his work for the first vitrine project during the summer.