Participating Artist
Christina Jonsson
June 02 - June 03 2017
June 02 2017 at 18.00 Uhr

“She lays down, she gets up, she gets around and when she can’t dance no more she gets into the kitchen heating up the situation. Eventually the kitchen has become her studio, and her studio has been a Café, a Hotel and a Garden when it isn’t a travelling soup laboratory exhibiting some of her major Fuck-Ups.

The kitchen and its dynamics is of major interest in the actual research and productions of the artist and this is why she stirs her Vagina Soup everywhere she goes.

She takes care of employing mostly fuckable vegetables, adding some tomato juice. She follows no recipe in her kitchen works, sticking to love, meditation, some painting and hard work.

Even though she takes distance from the old school and traditional imperialisms, she considers herself to be a European multiple (Christina, Christian & Christ ).

Sharing fucking soups and Fuck-Up Cakes with the public are part of the whole experience, as we know now, that we become not only what we believe but also what we eat.

And art has to be nutritious.”
With the intention of investigating the relational attraction within art and art display, Christina Jonsson puts up situations where stuff mingles with persons and people mingle with each other getting together and the whole thing becomes a big hot Soup, all the rest being nothing but formalities.

As she tries to get a hand on the fugitive borderline running between intimacy and formalities, she also investigates notions of public and private voices and domains.

Christina Jonsson also works with the intention of fixing formalities, and she has been taking care of making ever lasting traces of these bagatells. By observing them in time and space, notes have been taken and pictures have been painted.

Formally she will be showing off as she stirs the soup all around the clock, if she isn’t of course too tired to do so. Then, probably someone else will do it. She will host and perform the show all around the clock and she will be respectful with respectful visitors, all around the clock. The others, whoever they might be, will not be allowed in and if they’re already in, they will be shown the door.

Christina Jonsson is a native Dane, travelling around the old European continent in an eternal state of professional tourism.

After a classic education, which included linguistic studies in Denmark, she travelled to Italy and worked as a go-go dancer around the country, from Rimini to Rome and from Verona to Bari (the famous Cubista’s ).

Eventually she joined the fine art academy in Ravenna, completing her studies in 2004 (cum laude). Afterwards she travelled to Lausanne and was invited to join an artist residency at the private art school Têtard. Employment and multiple ongoing collaborations followed.

She Joined the HES-ECAV (Walis) to study Art in Public Spheres, obtaining her master degree in 2012 (cum laude). In 2011 she co-founded the art space Saint-Valentin (Lausanne ) and the CultureHotel (Leysin), initiating from 2016, a program of artistic residencies.

Her works have been in shows more or less regularly since 1999.

Lately, solo shows have been on in Copenhagen (Udstillingsstedet Sydhavn Station), Bienne (Local-Int), Geneva (Milkshake Agency).