24hrs project – GO FROM HOME – with CLIO NEWTON

Participating Artist
June 22 - June 23 2017
June 22 2017

From Thursday 22nd of June, 9pm
Until Friday 23d of June, 9pm

Apéro: Friday 23d of June from 6pm to 9pm

From June 22nd, 9pm and for the duration of this 24 hours project, Clio will be in the gallery, drawing – feel free to stop by and see her and the work in process. The installation will showcase a collection of her large scale charcoal drawings of women, all of whom have made Zürich a second home. On Friday 23rd from 6 pm to 9pm, we invite you to discover the final results of her in situ working process and join us for drinks and snacks.


” I come from New York, where anyone within the city can chose to claim it as part of their identity (i.e. “I’m a New Yorker”) whether they’ve lived there for 4 weeks or 4 generations.

Since living in Florence and now in Zürich, I distinctly understand that the process of self-identifying with a place relies heavily on the history and tradition of that place. I would not call myself a Zürcher after living here for 2 years because the history of the city informs a different relationship. This inspired me to wonder, what does it mean to identify with a place, and how long does it take before this identification is distilled? To better understand my own relationship to Zürich I began this project, “Go from Home”. I wanted to meet and draw women who have moved here for different reasons and through hearing their story, better understand how they negotiate this idea of belonging and home.

The project developed through advertisements I placed around Zürich, calling for women who have moved to Zürich to meet me for an informal interview and photo shoot. I met a variety of strong and
independent women who have all made the leap of moving to a foreign city, often without any network or family to help recreate their lives. This project was a personal one and I was inspired by the women I met.

While working on each portrait I searched for a feeling in their disposition or expression that I could directly identify with. I think cultural isolation/displacement does something similar to all of us; we are made aware of our cultural characteristics and idiosyncrasies and have to examine and distinguish who we are in relation to these traits. I believe context informs identity and through working with the women I met I am convinced that the act of recreating oneself in an unfamiliar setting inevitably challenges and strengthens one’s sense of self. ”



Clio Newton is a figurative artist from New York City. Her work concerns the depiction of women in charcoal and oil paint. In 2011 Clio received her BFA from Cooper Union in New York City, and later studied traditional painting and drawing techniques at the Florence Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy. Clio has been the recipient of the Elizabeth Greenshields’ Fellowship award twice, in 2012 and 2016. In 2015 Clio received a residency Grant from the AKKU Kunstatelier in Zürich which funded her to live in Switzerland for 8 months. During this time Clio exhibited her work in Stadtpark as part of the AKKU Kunst Galerie. Clio’s work has been exhibited worldwide. She is represented by Gerald Peters Gallery in New York City and has been shown at various art functions such as: Art Basel Miami, Art South Hamptons, Art Palm Springs and in the prestigious group show “Masters of American Realism” at the Sag Harbor Museum. Clio’s work will be exhibited in Paris as part of “Artagon” in September 2017. Clio will exhibit with artist Eloy Morales in a joint show at B/E Galerie in Munich, also September 2017. Clio is looking forward to being included in this years “Jungkunst” in Winterthur this October. Clio currently lives in Zürich and is working on her MFA at ZHDK.