24 Hours Project
Participating Artist
Melissa Guevara, Marie Griesmar, Leila Amacker, Anne-Laure Franchette, Kristina Nedialkova, Anne Brand Galvez, Mauricio Kabistan, Alejandro Mondria H, Crack Rodriguez, Marco Nicolas Heizen, Joël Noël, Ernesto Bautista, Tizian Baldinger, Mauricio Esquivel
July 17 - July 18 2015
July 17 2015

Tropical Interzone
Pertaining to the solstice, far of the parallels of the latitudes between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Far from the two circles of the celestial sphere. Far from the “somewhere” to “turn back”. What it could be? An image of desire? Far of the habit? Far of the ordinary? The otherness? The far..? An excitingly strange… let’s say creature. But this creature, bizarre and untiringly unusual, a foreign allure, overlaps with a series of imaginary constructions, channels for supra realities and fictions. Is strikingly constructed with artificial elements of desire and pleasure, far of ideologies; Could it exist far of the colonial view? Far of the Eurocentric construction of a history of subordination? It might be a fiction, a construction far from the Ecuadorian geographies, latitudes, and clime.

Curated by Anne Brand Galvez and special Guest Ernesto Bautista

The Nomadic Center of Contemporary Art is a catalyst of the social context. A possibility for interactivity and intersubjective encounters. As an itinerant research platform, an ambulatory apparatus, a tool for questioning the paradigms of dispositives, apparatus of art production.