Opening – Kunst: Szene Zürich 2018, Friday, 23. November 2018, 6 – 9 pm

Participating Artist
Lena Amuat & Zoë Meyer, CH-01 Hubli & Eggenberger, Karoline Schreiber
November 23 - November 23 2018
November 23 2018

«Kunst: Szene Zürich 2018» brings many things together: artists, art outreach representatives, curators from institutions or self-organized spaces, as well as the public.

«Kunst: Szene Zürich 2018» gives artists from Zurich the opportunity to present their work without being judged by a jury. It puts the spotlight on art, testing out new forms of presentation and outreach.

«Kunst: Szene Zürich 2018» asks how Zurich’s art scene is doing in 2018 – at a time when established models of artistic existence are being radically called into question and new ones are being created.

«Kunst: Szene Zürich 2018» is an experiment. It aims to gather everyone who is curious about art together with those who create it and bring it to the public. It links new connections, asks questions and seeks answers.

Approximately 250 participating artists and collectives will present their work at exhibitions or other experimental forms of display at many guest spaces throughout the city. The exhibitions will be accompanied by a variety of events on current topics that are affecting the Zurich art world. «Kunst: Szene Zürich 2018» is being organized by Kultur Stadt Zürich in collaboration with many institutions and self-organized art spaces. For further information and contacts, see Contact/Imprint and Media.


Im Ausstellungsprojekt Kunst: Szene Zürich 2018 vertreten wir Karoline SchreiberLena Amuat & Zoë Meyer, CH-01 Hubli & Eggenberger. Geplant ist, dass alle drei Positionen bestehende Arbeiten (Projekteingabe Kunst: Szene Zürich 2018) zu ergänzen. Allenfalls in situ neu zu erstellen. Zwei Positionen sind installative, die dritte Position ist wohl eher Zeichnerisch. Alle drei Positionen sind jedoch raumeingreifend. Thematisch geht es um Täuschung, Addition, Reduktion, Wiederholung, Manipulation, Wertigkeit von Kunst, Raum.