Nicola Genovese in the 24hrs Project at Kunst 17 Zürich

24 Hours Project
Participating Artist
Nicola Genovese
October 26 - October 29 2017
October 26 2017

Leak *6 (When boundaries burn)
Nicola Genovese in the 24hrs Project at Kunst 17, Zürich

“It is all about geography, territories to defend or rather territories to exploit. And then again the weight of the past, the weight of the ruins, the impossibility to get rid of the origin myth, of the daily rituals. Again, again us, the whites. It is a potential set of weapons, of body fragments, of sex toys. It is a leak, you cannot stop it. It is there, underneath the carpet in the living room. Controlling won’t help you.“

On the evening of the opening of Kunst 17, Nicola Genovese will present the full performance “Leak *6“, activating the installation, in an attempt to give life or rather a new meaning to the sculptural fragments. Decomposing the action into sections, he will then interact with specific parts of the installation, every 24 hours.

“Nicola Genovese is a foreign artist, his universe runs parallel, in the gap between the cloudy sky and a car’s window. We went to look for him, in the type of place where the train station is always far from the town. We had to walk: the landscape surrounded us with no escape route. We discovered upward forces that exist among pompous buildings and unscrupulous scaffolding. Totems of a close civilization that encumber long distances. World branches that could turn into springboards and view points. And we stayed there, hanging between a destructive premonition and the instinct to step over. On the earth. Meanwhile, geography was turning into science fiction.” Francesco Ragazzi Urbano



On/Off Booth A13 | ABB Hall 550 | Ricarda-Huch-Strasse | 8050 Zürich-Oerlikon |

Opening Hours:
Thursday 26th October: 16:00h – 22:00h
Friday 27th October: 12:00h – 20:00h
Saturday 28th | Sunday 29th October 11:00h – 19:00h


The 24 hours Project is an experimental platform, which takes place between exhibitions at TART Zürich. What happens during the deconstruction and reconstruction phases? The 24 hours Project intends to show that during the ” idle phase ” various settings can take place within a gallery. Artists are invited to take over the space for 24 hours to meet, share, process, participate, perform, showcase, experiment.

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