Guided Tour «Reversible» with Simon Heusser, Saturday, 9. March, 4-5pm

Participating Artist
Simon Heusser
March 09 - March 09 2019
March 09 2019

The Exhibition ”Reversible” presents works by sculptor Simon Heusser and photographer Douglas Mandry. The Swiss artists have grown common interest within their practice into the relation of the object to space. For their exhibition at TART, Mandry and Heusser develop the idea of objecthood, using materials and dealing with abstraction and representation related to their respective mediums.

Simon Heusser works sculptural and adopts forgotten handcraft technics for producing his objects and paintings. Douglas Mandry aims to question the limits of photography being considered a two-dimensional object. From this common ground, the artists present existing works as well as new collaborative pieces, constantly shifting from one dimension to another, questioning the image as a mental space and the boarder between painting and sculpting, which might no longer exist to their eyes.

Stone photograms, monotypes, a paraventlike object titled “soft shell sculpture” made of linoleum and wood divides the exhibition space in two worlds.

Rather than showing the finite aspect of things, the process becomes the end and vice-versa reality could actually be a malleable material a reversible truth.