Contraint à courir après des ombres plus séduisantes que la réalité ; essays on shadows

24 Hours Project
Participating Artist
Amelie Brisson-Darveau
October 06 - October 07 2016
October 06 2016

Amelie Brisson-Darveau

“Contraint à courir après des ombres plus séduisantes que la réalité ; essays on shadows.”
(inspired dialog from the Le notti biache).

“What is the texture of a shadow”, is the question interlacing my entire artistic practice. In this project, my interest focus on the use of shadows in film noir – and its relations to neorealist and expressionist movies – as a way to transform the subjectivity of its figure. Furthermore, how these plays between shadows and light contributes to craft aestheticized monsters?

The project consists in different essays taking parts in a larger series on the depersonalization of the shadow. The essays take the form of animated wood boxes investigating ways of distortion, transformation and depersonalization of the figure through contrast of textures of light and shadow on different scenography structures (architecture and textiles).

The boxes generate resonances between different areas of my researches on shadow theatres and marionettes (from Sophie Taeuber Arp), dreams, scenographies from film noir, expressionist and neorealist, sounds, lines of textuality, Plato’s theory of forms, Meyerhold’s studies on movement, and the Triadisches Ballett from Oskar Schlemmer.

Animated from inside and outside the boxes (by transforming the exhibition space in an animated scenography), I am interested in the assemblage of two spaces: the filmic space and the real space. The public is invited to activate the boxes by moving elements of the scenography or their own body to experiment with casting shadows.

Thursday 6th October from 6pm until Friday 7th of October, 6pm 


The 24hrs Project is curated by Anne-Laure Franchette