24 Hours Project
Participating Artist
Colin Guillemet
October 13 - October 14 2016
October 13 2016

Colin Guillemet, born Paris, 1979, lives and works in Zurich.

His work doesn’t rely on a particular use of media nor on a specific theme. Instead, it is a rumination on the expectations of both artists and viewers of how an artwork should function and what it should fulfil, which he weaves with slapstick, art-historical or literary references and some accusatory non-sense. His main concern is in pursuing a form of poetic writing which makes use of anything from the made world and addressing it as a sign, all the while taking other seemingly established signs and reminding them they are just stuff. He is also generally disinclined to explicate or engage in interpreting his own work, something he sees as akin to a cook having to pre-chew the food intended and carefully prepared for his diners.

His work has been seen both in Switzerland and internationally. Recent solo projects include Brightness cuts at Kunsthalle Waedenswil, Fail again, Fail Better at RETO project space and Fil Rouge at Galerie Le point Fort in Strasbourg on the occasion of which a monograph was published.

Thursday 13th October from 6pm until Friday 14th of October, 6pm



The 24hrs Project is curated by Anne-Laure Franchette